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Overthinking Babe

Digital Nomad

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About Overthinking Babe

Do you know that girl that sits in a cafe, but in her eyes you can see she isn’t really there. To a complete stranger she might look like she’s just listening to her friends talking, but on the inside her mind is overthinking and making a huge overload mess in her head. Constantly. Those who knows me best they call me Overthinking babe.

She hides behind a mask, scared of showing her emotions in this cruel world, she occasionally show and almost always ended up being hurt. But she’s fighting.

Her ideas are always fresh and fun, but she usually ends up not putting them into reality. She’s scared. Scared of life, people, a lot of things. She fears stepping out of the crowd, follows the expectations of others and ends up being even more lost every single  time. Deep inside of her she knows she wants to do things in her own way, but overthinks every little step, ends up only pulling herself backwards.

Well… this girl is me and this is my story. This is my everyday battle how to survive and putting my mask off. From now on I’m walking my path on my own way and you are welcome to join my ride. Honestly, strait and brave on the road of life to become a better, happier and fearless woman.

Hate me or love me, follow me and tell me what do you overthinking. I know I’m not alone out there.

Overthinking Babe

I'm that girl

and I'm Overthinking Babe

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Overthinking Babe

Digital Nomad - Stock Images & Social Media
Overthinking Babe

I love and live like a Digital Nomad. I can provide you or your company Royalty Free Stock Images on demand and support you or your company with content, updates and administration of your or your company Social Network channels such us Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and others.

You can hire me as simple as write to me.


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